It wasn't the first time, and I'm positive it won't be the last, but yesterday I lost my patience and will never forget it. I've been fighting off a respiratory virus, maybe the flu, I don't know. I decided to get out of the house for a bit, and pick up some things from the store. I was pretty much ready to go, and I told Ellie to get dressed. She told me "no"...a few times. So finally I picked her up and took her to her room. I picked out an outfit, and took her clothes off of her...all of these things, she's completely capable of doing on her own, but for whatever reason she decided to be a turd and resist. Not in a tantrum, but laughing and threw herself onto the floor, playing dead, so that I couldn't dress her. 

I didn't go off the wall screaming and yelling. I didn't throw anything or god forbid spank my child. I picked her up, not forcefully, but against her will. She immediately started crying and grabbed the side of her head. To my horror, I looked down to see a few strands of her hair under my shoe. 

My heart sank to the tips of my toes. I hurt her. I didn't mean to, but I hurt her.

She just wanted to play, and instead of giving her 5 minutes to play...I ripped out a chunk of her hair. 

She was over it in about 2 minutes, but I will NEVER forget that could have been avoided if I would have just let her be a 3 for a few more minutes. 


03/25/2017 12:14am

This is perfect!

03/25/2017 12:20am

I understand that you're just being a normal mom, an imperfect human. There will be times that we'll lose our patience and do something unexpected. At the end of the day, we don't have to overthink because that will just make things worse. We have to talk to our kids and explain to them the reason for your outbursts or anger. They have to understand this in order for their minds to start developing. And say sorry to them. I'm sure that they'll forgive you. We need to control the rage because that won't bring anything good. Thank you for sharing this!

05/09/2017 11:25pm

I understand that you get angry, but you should've done better the next time your kid is requesting for something. Anyway, it has already happened and sometimes, it's normal to lose our patience because we are just human.. There are times when we keep on blaming ourselves if we have done something wrong, especially when we hurt someone. Anyway, please refrain from condemning yourself. Just be careful the next time you encounter such thing.


I can't blame you for that. Sometimes it's really hard to stay patient.

08/25/2017 10:52am

People have limits. Sometimes, releasing your feelings even through anger is healthy. It is okay to be angry, but please do not sin. If because of anger you happened to hurt a person, either physically or emotionally, then it's your wrong. I understand that we might lose patience. I, too, undergoes the same situation. But together, let us all learn to become patient. Just be filled wit the spirit of the Lord and you'll be able to control your temper. because self-control is the fruit of the spirit.


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